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Friday, November 2, 2018

PRO Who Visited My Whatsapp Profile - AdMob & GDPR

PRO Who Visited My Whatsapp Profile - AdMob & GDPR


WHO VISITED MY WHATSAPP PROFILE (is a joke app) help you to track who visit your Watsapp profile and when. “Who Visited My Whatsapp Profile App” also tracks the time of your profile visitor and you can get all your whatsapp contacts directly in tab contact and u can open the chat with them by one click. Using “Who Visited My Whatsapp Profile App ” you can easily know the list of your friends who sees your profile also you can send messages to them directly to Whatsapp! 
TAB Visitors: It let’s you know who visited your whatsapp profile. It also displays the time of their visit. 
TAB Contacts: Shows you all your whatsapp contacts and you can chat with them directly in our app. 
TAB Visited: Shows you whom profile you have visited.


  • Android Studio Support & Easy to reskin (less than 5min to upload ur app to store)
  • Support GDPR
  • Get All Whatsapp Contact in our app
  • Open Whatsapp Chat with any nonContact (like the numbers that wasn’t registred in your contacts)
  • Send Messages directly from App to Whatsapp
  • Admob Banner / Interstitial Integration / Rewarded Video Ad
  • Earn Coins Activity
  • Settings preferences Activity

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