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Saturday, February 16, 2019

XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android

XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android nulled
You dont know Android Code ? You want to find the template Radio to build app and submit to PlayStore. Let go with XRadio now.
XRadio will help you to create Radio App For Android with the Beautiful Material Design. You can create Single or Multi Radios Station all in one with Powerfull Admin Panel.

Let’s study what benefits XRadio will bring you:
• Support Genres, Radios, TopChart Radios, Themes via Admin Panel.
• GDPR Support with Professional dialog to ask USER permission.
• Remote Config UI Design Via Admin panel with many UI options (Flat List, Flat Grid, Card List, Card Grid, Magic Grid,….)
• Support Single Radio or Multi Radio App. You can switch very easily via Admin Panel with Remote Config function.
• Support RTL (Right to Left) for some countries.
• Support all radio formats (http, m3u8, m3u, pls, acc, mp3…).
• Support stream from ShoutCast or IceCast.
• TopChart Radios, Search Radios, Themes with paging function.
• Support Creating Radio App without Admin panel.
• Many Themes with Gradient Background Effect. You can remote via server.
• Automatically getting Artwork from LastFM.
• Listen music in background mode with notification control (previous, play, next, pause).
• Built-in Sleep Timer.
• Admob or Facebook Audience Network Support with banner ad and intertestial ad.
• Firebase Analytics Support.
• Support Android 4.2 to Android 8.0.
• Migrate to AndroidX now.
• Material Design With many best effect.
• Support headphone control button (Play, Pause, Next, Previous).
• Details document for How to reskin app
• Java 8 support with Lambda expressions to reduce many codes.

• Username: admin
• Password: admin
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 1
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 2
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 3
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 4
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 5
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 6
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 7
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 8
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 9
XRadio - Best Radio Template For Android - 10
Update Version 2.6.1
• Support for newest Android Studio 3.3
• Support headphone control button (Play, Pause, Next, Previous)
• Add featured function in offline modes
Update Version 2.3
• Add param USE_BLUR_EFFECT = true or false to set or remove blur effect background
• Add param EQUALIZER_DURATION to set animation duration for EqualizerView
• Fix problem AudioFocus while playing radio and turn on Other Player
Update Version 2.1
• Migrate To AndroidX. You can refer to more information
• Fix bug about special character on Admin Panel
• Fix Themes in offline mode bugs.
Update Version 1.9 & 2.0
• Support Genres in Offline Modes.
• Fix API bugs.
• Fix Other bugs.
Update Version 1.8
• Support RTL.
• Add configuration to check or uncheck if you dont want to use blur background
• Fix Other bugs.
Update Version 1.7
• Fix problem empty screen when going out application after some minutes
• Fix problem “Increase space” in the magic card mode of Genre Screen
• Fix Other bugs.
Update Version 1.6.8
• Update to newest Android Studio 3.2.1
• Change to new Glide v4.
• Fix bugs.
Update Version 1.6.6
• Update If your app is running well, you can ignore this update.It is just update some radio format.
• Please keep IS_MUSIC_PLAYER = false in If you want to change it, please email us before changing.
Update Version 1.6.3
• Fix Stream Mp3 link.
Update Version 1.6
• Change to new MediaPlayer.
• Reduce Apk Size.
• Fix some small bugs.

Update Version 1.3
• Add SHOW_SPLASH_INTERSTITIAL_ADS in to configure show or hide intertestial ads in Splash.
• Add dialog to ask user to accept with term and permission before opening app. It will be very good to support GDPR of EU. It also made app to be very professional.
• Add screen to ask SD CARD permission in multi-radio mode. It will explain for user what permission we are using.
• Remove SD CARD permission in single-radio mode.

Update Version 1.1
• Fix auto change stations when station is ended.
• Reset to default image and default name when can not get image from last fm.
• Fix problem can not click social media icon in single radio mode when radio stopped
• When connection lost, radio will paused automatically and when having connection again, it will auto play again stream.
• Fix small bugs.

                                 Preview       Download

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