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Monday, April 8, 2019

Recover Deleted Photo – Android Source Code

Recover Deleted Photo – Android Source Code

Recover Deleted Photo - Android Source Code

Recover Deleted photo is an application that has a very high search on google play because most people lose photos and want to recover them.
The role of this application is when a user has deleted a photo in gallery he think the picture has been officially deleted but the image may be exists in a hidden folder invisible by user (Whatsapp folder for example or other) so the application searches in all available directory and recover all images and you can restore it to galery in this case the normal user can see his image in the galery, we can name this application recover deleted photo to gallery
next version we will add the recovery of images officially deleted
Features :
  • Scan and recover deleted photos to galery
  • Android source code
  • Admob (Banner + Interstitial)
  • Firebase integrated
  • Share, more, and rate app
  • Privacy policy pdf link
Instructions :
To start with the project you have to perform some simple tasks.
  1. Import the project into your Android Studio (Latest version)
  2. Changing app name, package name
  3. Replace Admob ids with yours
  4. Firebase Project Configuration
  5. Reskinning the project: Change colors and Icon
Each step is explained in the documentation.


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